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Tom of Finland (2017)

Rating: 3.5/5

From once-secret art during post-war repression
To open appreciation of Tom’s artistic expression.
Well-acted, but too safe/clean.
Favourite/clever scene:
Pool party cops (subverting our assumed impression).

Mountain (2017)

Gasping, white-knuckled, each time rock crumbled:

Watching climbers on peaks as they stumbled.

The splendour of landscapes (sublime),

With orchestral music (divine).

Such magnificent sights left me awe-struck and humbled.

That’s Not Me (2017)

While twin sister Amy’s career’s really soaring,

Polly’s in a work rut, and her daily life’s boring.

She hopes things can flip.

Cue: her ill-advised trip.

Some terrific jokes had me absolutely roaring.

American Made (2017)

Seal taking on every gig. Oh, his hubris: ‘How can I lose?’

Not much under the hood here, as we follow each deal & schmooze …

(Hiding out; night in a cell;

In cahoots with gov and cartel)

… But it’s entertaining, thanks to the reliably charismatic Cruise.

Baby Driver (2017)

Artistry in the choreography (soundtrack with scene).

Elgort: charismatic; battling demons re keeping ‘clean’.

Such questionable character motivations

Relating to some third act situations.

Jones stands out, with the best performance on the screen.