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Wonder Woman (2017)

Godot’s Diana: a nuanced balance of powerful, naive and smart.

Main Western Front sequence: quite a piece of art.

Some of the fight scenes: over-long.

Overall, there’s much that’s strong …

And not too sappy, though full of empathy and heart.

Pete’s Dragon (2016)

It’s discovered that Pete has an unconventional friend.

The folks who don’t understand want him penned.

In a lovely way: it’s old-fashioned …

Displays of loyalty (impassioned).

There’s a sweet sincerity here from beginning to end.

Gods of Egypt (2016)

Young mortal Bek comes to god Horus’ aid.

Over-bloated video game creatures are slayed.

Yes, the casting feels wrong,

And the film dragged on too long.

Like Butler’s solarium visits, its welcome: overstayed.

Pan (3D) (2015)

Though blessed with Miller, a talented young man …

It’s a weak origin story for perennial fave Pan.

There’s a desperate need for colour.

The third act dragged, then got duller.

(Did Wright tell Hedlund ‘just channel Indy: that’s the plan’?)

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Though the film’s mad messiness is much maligned,

It’s the very thing that kept me positively inclined.

Balem (the freak) shall inherit the earth,

But then, due to a cosmic right of birth …

Audaciously: maybe Jupiter could save humankind?