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Wonder Woman (2017)

Godot’s Diana: a nuanced balance of powerful, naive and smart.

Main Western Front sequence: quite a piece of art.

Some of the fight scenes: over-long.

Overall, there’s much that’s strong …

And not too sappy, though full of empathy and heart.

Life (2017)

So here’s a bunch of smart, pretty people in space,

On the ISS (cue co-operating human race).

But these characters had me surprised

At some actions (ill-advised),

In this quite ridiculous, but scary / fun survival-chase.

The Eagle Huntress (2016)

Joyous story of trailblazing Aisholpan (forward spurred) …

Stunning shots (particularly: her majestic bird).

Though the elders prescribe

That no girl from their tribe

Should pursue this path, she remains undeterred.

Ballerina (2016)

Young Félicie, in an orphanage in France,

Has one heartfelt dream: to dance.

A lovely story of persistence

In the face of resistance,

As we see her fight for her chance.

Moana (2016)

Young Moana: for future Chief role, she’s groomed.

But new problems mean her island might be doomed.

The film’s an inspiring creation:

Delightful story, songs, animation …

And displays of bravery and grit when problems loomed.

Passengers (2016)

Despite two usually charismatic leads at the fore,

Sadly the direction and some script elements equal snore.

And engagement wanes fast

Because it’s impossible to get past

The morally repugnant, unconscionable act at its core.

Pete’s Dragon (2016)

It’s discovered that Pete has an unconventional friend.

The folks who don’t understand want him penned.

In a lovely way: it’s old-fashioned …

Displays of loyalty (impassioned).

There’s a sweet sincerity here from beginning to end.

Ben-Hur (2016)

A tearing apart of brothers once loving and devoted.

(Differing allegiances mean the relationship’s demoted)

Though some problems (including pace)

There’s that spectacular chariot race …

And Huston does a good job, it should be noted.