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War on Everyone (2016)

Terry and Bob: inept cops, breaking rules, and lots of fights.

Their Lieutenant interjects and reads them their rights.

After leads they run …

The black humour’s fun.

But it doesn’t come close to McDonagh’s previous heights.

The Nice Guys (2016)

Enforcer and PI doing dangerous jobs for loot.

When needed, they’ll lie, scare and shoot.

Often funny, and good leads rapport,

But the script needed more.

Highlight: Gosling drunk-acting. A hoot!

Bastille Day (2016)

Some dodgy dialogue (cue ear burns),

Plus a number of ridiculous plot turns.

But Elba’s so magnetic,

And the film so energetic,

That it’s entertaining, despite the concerns.

Black Mass (2015)

Boston crims and cops: all cloak and dagger.

Towards the truth the Feds start to stagger.

Depp: cartoonish as Whitey.

The highlight: a mighty

Performance from Edgerton (with his FBI swagger).

Legend (2015)

Despite fab work from Hardy as the infamous twins …

(The Krays: those gangsters, with their litany of sins)

The film sluggishly drags on,

And can’t be saved by Reg and Ron.

A less interesting telling of their real-life losses / wins.

Mr. Holmes (2015)

In this tale of the famous fictional detective

Holmes undertakes a final mission (elective).

Though gifted with actors extraordinary …

Sadly, the the film’s pretty ordinary –

Save for shining moments when Sherlock’s reflective.

Run All Night (2015)

Redemption story of a lifelong bad guy

On a mission to help estranged son not die.

Watching how they both cope

You can play Spot the Trope,

While they’re competing with overkill CGI.

Inherent Vice (2014)

Though at times following along melted my brain,

It was compelling, so interest didn’t wane.

Phoenix: mesmerising, intense.

Shooting on film: worth the expense ….

It looked gorgeous: the colour, textures, grain.