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That’s Not Me (2017)

While twin sister Amy’s career’s really soaring,

Polly’s in a work rut, and her daily life’s boring.

She hopes things can flip.

Cue: her ill-advised trip.

Some terrific jokes had me absolutely roaring.

American Made (2017)

Seal taking on every gig. Oh, his hubris: ‘How can I lose?’

Not much under the hood here, as we follow each deal & schmooze …

(Hiding out; night in a cell;

In cahoots with gov and cartel)

… But it’s entertaining, thanks to the reliably charismatic Cruise.

The Trip to Spain (2017)

As before: big laughs, majestic scenery, lots to eat.

New: added melancholy for Steve (kept discreet).

Highlight: the guys out-swaggering

Each other when Jagger-ing.

Only letdown: dubious end scene (an odd conceit).

Rough Night (2017)

Some intermittent laughs here, but not enough to sustain

Its feature length – so it feels the strain

Of many lulls and bumps.

And like that corpse it slumps.

Cast members bring some charisma, but it’s weak in the main.

Madame (2017)

Unlucky thirteen, so Anne coerces Maria to pass

As a member of the Spanish noble class.

De Palma’s work here is fearless.

Fab Collette’s nostril-flaring: peerless.

Much fun to be had. Oh, the dinner table farce!