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American Made (2017)

Seal taking on every gig. Oh, his hubris: ‘How can I lose?’

Not much under the hood here, as we follow each deal & schmooze …

(Hiding out; night in a cell;

In cahoots with gov and cartel)

… But it’s entertaining, thanks to the reliably charismatic Cruise.

Baby Driver (2017)

Artistry in the choreography (soundtrack with scene).

Elgort: charismatic; battling demons re keeping ‘clean’.

Such questionable character motivations

Relating to some third act situations.

Jones stands out, with the best performance on the screen.

Baywatch (2017)

Zac Effron was surprisingly buff,

Dwayne Johnsons biceps are enough,

The banter was fine,

I laughed the whole time,

and I walked out feeling hot stuff

Wonder Woman (2017)

Godot’s Diana: a nuanced balance of powerful, naive and smart.

Main Western Front sequence: quite a piece of art.

Some of the fight scenes: over-long.

Overall, there’s much that’s strong …

And not too sappy, though full of empathy and heart.

Colossal (2016)

Original, high-concept premise: a great start,

But in the latter stages, it all falls apart.

An ultra-swift

Tonal shift

Just doesn’t work. (But Hathaway’s great: the film’s heart).

Allied (2016)

Though this film has some flaws (clearly),

There were elements I enjoyed dearly:

Nods to Curtiz et al;

Gorgeous wardrobe; locale.

It’s old-fashioned, in a good way (sincerely).

Ghostbusters (3D) (2016)

Abby and the team are out to give ghosts a whack.

They hire Kevin (a twist on the old hot but slack).

Naysayers may shun,

But it’s a big heap of fun.

The highlight is McKinnon, who’s an absolute cack!