Melbourne International Film Festival (2017)

Posted in Uncategorized by - Aug 06, 2017

Helping MIFF fans know what to choose,

Via five line limerick reviews,

Our rhymes don’t pay bills
We do it purely for thrills,

Meet y’all at the festival club for some brews.

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The Big Sick (2017)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, Romance by - Jul 28, 2017

As this ‘based on a true …’ story is told,

It’s a big-hearted joy to behold.

Family pressure to wed,

An existential health dread,

And an abundance of comedy gold.

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War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

Posted in Action, Adventure, Drama by - Jul 28, 2017

Remarkable ape movements and fights.

For comic relief: Zahn’s Bad Ape delights.

Caesar’s so deeply expressive.

Serkis’ work here: impressive.

Great film (though shy of Dawn‘s lofty heights).

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A Monster Calls (2016)

Posted in Drama, Fantasy by - Jul 24, 2017

A heavy burden hangs over Conor’s head:

Impending loss; an existential dread.

Enter: an anthropomorphic tree.

Can its fables set him free?

Impressive (dark) visuals. Tears to be shed.

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A Ghost Story (2017)

Time, loss and grief (with its profound feeling of sinking).

Watching, there were fluctuations in my thinking:

From ‘I’m gonna cry. Where’s my hankie?’

To ‘Ugh, now this feels wanky.’

To me, a misstep: sheeted neighbour, with memory shrinking.

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Baby Driver (2017)

Posted in Action, Drama, Music by - Jul 23, 2017

Artistry in the choreography (soundtrack with scene).

Elgort: charismatic; battling demons re keeping ‘clean’.

Such questionable character motivations

Relating to some third act situations.

Jones stands out, with the best performance on the screen.

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The Trip to Spain (2017)

Posted in Comedy, Drama by - Jul 23, 2017

As before: big laughs, majestic scenery, lots to eat.

New: added melancholy for Steve (kept discreet).

Highlight: the guys out-swaggering

Each other when Jagger-ing.

Only letdown: dubious end scene (an odd conceit).

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The Beguiled (2017)

Posted in Drama, Sydney Film Festival 2017 by - Jun 18, 2017

Here in the Civil War’s South, seven women and girls reside.

Enter wounded Corporal John, who otherwise would have died.

Both dark and funny (an abundance of wit).

Stunning performances. Gorgeously lit.

Reflections on vengeance, survival, strength and pride.

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Rough Night (2017)

Posted in Comedy by - Jun 16, 2017

Some intermittent laughs here, but not enough to sustain

Its feature length – so it feels the strain

Of many lulls and bumps.

And like that corpse it slumps.

Cast members bring some charisma, but it’s weak in the main.

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Risk (2016)

Poitras’ doco: at times uneven, but with moments of insight.

In Assange (in turns, the darling of the left and then the right)

We see a man full of (ego and) contradictions

Who imposed eleventh hour restrictions.

It feels like there’s much more waiting to come to light.

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