Tom of Finland (2017)

Posted in Biography, Drama by - Oct 16, 2017

From once-secret art during post-war repression

To open appreciation of Tom’s artistic expression.

Well-acted, but too safe/clean.

Favourite/clever scene:

Pool party cops (subverting our assumed impression).

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Mother! (2017)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller by - Sep 18, 2017

J Law’s home renovation from hell

With imagery that your mind may well dwell,

Love or hate it – maybe true,

Tries too hard to please few,

Controversy is this film’s only sell.

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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017)

Posted in Action, Animated, Comedy by - Sep 03, 2017

George and Harold: cheeky pranksters (it’s in their genes).

Crabby Krupp wants to catch them by any means.

It drags at times, but at its best

When subversive jokes are expressed.

I’d certainly have welcomed some more Edith scenes.

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Mountain (2017)

Posted in Documentary by - Sep 02, 2017

Gasping, white-knuckled, each time rock crumbled:

Watching climbers on peaks as they stumbled.

The splendour of landscapes (sublime),

With orchestral music (divine).

Such magnificent sights left me awe-struck and humbled.

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That’s Not Me (2017)

Posted in Comedy by - Aug 30, 2017

While twin sister Amy’s career’s really soaring,

Polly’s in a work rut, and her daily life’s boring.

She hopes things can flip.

Cue: her ill-advised trip.

Some terrific jokes had me absolutely roaring.

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American Made (2017)

Posted in Action, Biography, Comedy by - Aug 28, 2017

Seal taking on every gig. Oh, his hubris: ‘How can I lose?’

Not much under the hood here, as we follow each deal & schmooze …

(Hiding out; night in a cell;

In cahoots with gov and cartel)

… But it’s entertaining, thanks to the reliably charismatic Cruise.

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Melbourne International Film Festival (2017)

Posted in Uncategorized by - Aug 06, 2017

Helping MIFF fans know what to choose,

Via five line limerick reviews,

Our rhymes don’t pay bills
We do it purely for thrills,

Meet y’all at the festival club for some brews.

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The Big Sick (2017)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, Romance by - Jul 28, 2017

As this ‘based on a true …’ story is told,

It’s a big-hearted joy to behold.

Family pressure to wed,

An existential health dread,

And an abundance of comedy gold.

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War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

Posted in Action, Adventure, Drama by - Jul 28, 2017

Remarkable ape movements and fights.

For comic relief: Zahn’s Bad Ape delights.

Caesar’s so deeply expressive.

Serkis’ work here: impressive.

Great film (though shy of Dawn‘s lofty heights).

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A Monster Calls (2016)

Posted in Drama, Fantasy by - Jul 24, 2017

A heavy burden hangs over Conor’s head:

Impending loss; an existential dread.

Enter: an anthropomorphic tree.

Can its fables set him free?

Impressive (dark) visuals. Tears to be shed.

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