Life (2017)

Posted in Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller by - Mar 26, 2017

So here’s a bunch of smart, pretty people in space,

On the ISS (cue co-operating human race).

But these characters had me surprised

At some actions (ill-advised),

In this quite ridiculous, but scary / fun survival-chase.

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The Boss Baby (2017)

Posted in Animated, Comedy, Family by - Mar 20, 2017

Tim’s happy, until little bro comes through the door …

The ensuing story could have been so much more.

The film’s not much of a hoot,

Though the Looney Tunes-ish look is cute,

And there’s a sweet nod to The Apartment‘s 19th floor.

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Their Finest (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, History, Romance by - Mar 20, 2017

A glorious film (both funny and dark). During the Blitz:

The MOI’s making morale-boosting films for the Brits …

(Such delicious scenes of each set visit).

Scherfig’s work here is exquisite.

Highlight: delightful McCrory and Nighy matching wits.

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The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

Posted in Action, Adventure, Animated, Family by - Mar 20, 2017

Though not hitting its fab predecessor’s heights,

It still boasts a fair share of delights.

Ultra rapid-fire gags

(With no grace for brain lags) …

And fun visuals (look how Condiment Man fights!)

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Loving (2016)

Posted in Biography, Drama, Romance by - Mar 12, 2017

Due to local marriage laws (with racism ingrained),

The Lovings are cruelly arrested and detained.

Two great leads play subtle and stoic,

Rather than brow-beating heroic …

In Nichols’ film that’s (at times, to a fault) restrained.

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The Eagle Huntress (2016)

Posted in Adventure, Documentary, Family by - Mar 01, 2017

Joyous story of trailblazing Aisholpan (forward spurred) …

Stunning shots (particularly: her majestic bird).

Though the elders prescribe

That no girl from their tribe

Should pursue this path, she remains undeterred.

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Miss Sloane (2016)

Posted in Drama by - Mar 01, 2017

Fierce lobbyist Sloane, with a reputation for success.

Working under pressure (often extreme duress).

Despite Chastain (so commanding

In a role that’s demanding) ….

The film misses its mark (some plot points: a mess).

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David Stratton: A Cinematic Life (2017)

Posted in Documentary by - Feb 16, 2017

Over 50 years after Stratton flew into town,

A lovely tribute to this critic of world renown.

Here’s our film history: humour, guts …

Terrific editing, with witty cuts.

Best manual filing system? David’s takes the crown.

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T2 Trainspotting (2017)

Posted in Drama by - Feb 16, 2017

Now middle-aged, with nostalgia in their hearts …

Engaging in capers (re: the criminal arts).

Poignant scenes of past-clutching

Are melancholically touching.

Plus a number of genuine, outrageous laughs.

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Jasper Jones (2017)

Posted in Drama, Mystery by - Feb 13, 2017

Jasper and others negotiating life in Corrigan’s cage,

With its spectre of inherent racism and bigoted rage.

Performances: universally strong

(Great discovery: Kevin Long).

An assured genre mix of drama, mystery and coming-of-age.

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