The Nice Guys (2016)

Posted in Action, Comedy, Crime by - May 23, 2016

Enforcer and PI doing dangerous jobs for loot.

When needed, they’ll lie, scare and shoot.

Often funny, and good leads rapport,

But the script needed more.

Highlight: Gosling drunk-acting. A hoot!

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, War by - May 10, 2016

Kim moves from her safe, boring life without trouble

To a war zone: risks, potential bombings and rubble.

The film’s problematic at times,

But Tina Fey really shines,

In this mixed-genre look at life in the Kabubble.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

Posted in Comedy by - May 09, 2016

Young Ricky had caused some trouble (hectic),

And he landed a new situation (domestic).

Outrageous humour takes flight.

It’s an utterly charming delight,

And the NZ bush: beautifully shot (majestic).

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God Willing (2015)

Posted in Comedy by - May 09, 2016

Andrea held a secret, but now he must be candid.

Dad’s secretly seething, and mum feels stranded.

A cunning plan is devised …

Disability ‘joke’: ill-advised.

And the symbolism’s often heavy-handed.

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Hangmen (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Theatre by - May 09, 2016

A tremendously rich play from Martin McDonagh.

Harry needs to defend his hangman honour.

The cast talent: immense.

And it’s incredibly tense,

As we wonder if anyone will be a goner.

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The First Monday in May (2016)

Posted in Documentary by - Apr 30, 2016

This documentary’s not a well-constructed creation,

Jumping from is fashion art? to a star-gazing fixation.

Gorgeous items? For sure.

But it really needed more

Of a meaningful discussion about cultural appropriation.

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Bastille Day (2016)

Posted in Action, Crime, Thriller by - Apr 26, 2016

Some dodgy dialogue (cue ear burns),

Plus a number of ridiculous plot turns.

But Elba’s so magnetic,

And the film so energetic,

That it’s entertaining, despite the concerns.

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The Meddler (2015)

Posted in Comedy, Drama by - Apr 22, 2016

Adrift at loss of hubby/dad; broken hearts.

Every day, more boundary-crossing starts.

Glorious as the smothering

Queen of over-mothering,

Sarandon elevates the film beyond its parts.

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The Jungle Book (2016)

Posted in Adventure, Animated, Family by - Apr 18, 2016

Favreau’s gorgeous film doesn’t shy away

From portraying the brutal nature fray.

(Kipling: the source material)

The visuals: ethereal.

Great family film. Spot-on casting in every way.

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A Month of Sundays (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Drama by - Apr 14, 2016

Strong cast: LaPaglia, Blake and two Clarkes.

Realtor Frank: a bit messed up, then embarks

On a friendship that’s unexpected,

In this story about being connected.

Slow at times, but full of witty remarks.

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