Gold (2016)

Posted in Drama by - Jan 18, 2017

McConaughey’s Kenny (played as uncouth schlub)

Aspires to make it to mining’s rich club.

His quest for gold

Didn’t have me sold.

Tedious; uninteresting characters (there’s the rub).

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Ballerina (2016)

Posted in Adventure, Animated, Family by - Jan 17, 2017

Young Félicie, in an orphanage in France,

Has one heartfelt dream: to dance.

A lovely story of persistence

In the face of resistance,

As we see her fight for her chance.

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Silence (2016)

Posted in Drama, History by - Jan 16, 2017

Fathers Rodrigues and Garrpe petition to be deployed …

To investigate (rumours of mentor’s faith destroyed).

It’s a hard slog, I’ll grant,

As we wonder who’ll recant.

But there’s a profundity in Scorsese’s staring into the void.

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Moonlight (2016)

Posted in Drama by - Jan 16, 2017

The story of a life (to struggle, love, yearn …),

Both beautiful and brutal, by turn.

It’s just so exquisite,

It demands a revisit.

A masterpiece; a staggering slow burn.

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Moana (2016)

Posted in Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Musical by - Jan 05, 2017

Young Moana: for future Chief role, she’s groomed.

But new problems mean her island might be doomed.

The film’s an inspiring creation:

Delightful story, songs, animation …

And displays of bravery and grit when problems loomed.

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Collateral Beauty (2016)

Posted in Drama by - Dec 21, 2016

Here, sledgehammer-level subtlety’s embraced

(RE: the metaphors with which the film is laced).

Through its ill-advised pulse,

Most moments ring false.

A talented cast put to terrible, sinful waste.

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La La Land (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, Musical by - Dec 19, 2016

It feels like an Old Hollywood descendant.

The look and colour: deliciously resplendent.

The dreamers; their folly ….

Plus related melancholy.

… And there’s a montage that’s simply transcendent.

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Passengers (2016)

Posted in Adventure, Drama, Romance by - Dec 19, 2016

Despite two usually charismatic leads at the fore,

Sadly the direction and some script elements equal snore.

And engagement wanes fast

Because it’s impossible to get past

The morally repugnant, unconscionable act at its core.

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Hidden Figures (2016)

Posted in Drama, History by - Dec 19, 2016

Three brilliant women, each with a maths-related vocation

Working at NASA, in a time of segregation.

Wonderful performances; uplifting;

Hard-fought journeys; attitudes shifting …

This feel-good film’s quite a joyous creation.

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Why Him? (2016)

Posted in Comedy by - Dec 17, 2016

Laird (eccentric, filterless tech millionaire dude)

Tries to woo Steph’s fam (tatt; post-modern food).

Some silly, fun laughs to be had …

But I would have been glad

If in every scene, less minutes accrued.

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