Love & Friendship (2016)

Period comedy: Stillman (Whit), after Austen (Jane).

Lady Susan has plans (and much to gain).

Of financial security she’s dreaming.

It’s lots of fun to watch her scheming …

A charming, disarming, duplicitous campaign.

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Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You (2016)

Posted in Documentary by - Jun 28, 2016

Ode to nonagenarian TV maverick Mr Lear

(He of 6 shows in the top 10 one year).

He bought us Bunker, J.J., Maude …

His social satire had folks floored.

A candid look at the work of a prodigious pioneer.

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Finding Dory (2016)

Posted in Adventure, Animated, Comedy by - Jun 28, 2016

From Baby Dory’s eyes to Hank’s version of ranting,

It’s full of delights. Also, expertly implanting

Messages re: disability; inclusion.

Many visual treats? Yes, a profusion.

It’s a sequel that’s quite charming and enchanting.

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Weiner (2016)

So Weiner accidentally tweeted out his junk.

His initial dilemma: admit or try to debunk?

The hubris: often stunning.

A fascinating insight into running

A campaign when the candidate could get sunk.

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White Girl (2016)

Tough neighbourhood: Two new girls move in.

Soon Leah’s life goes into spin.

Repetitive whining, fucking and scoring

Actually gets pretty boring

When the rest of the film’s pretty thin.

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Life, Animated (2016)

Owen: unable to communicate with his fam.

Then a Disney revelation, and WHAM! …

There opens a door

And the chance to soar.

Exceptional doco about an extraordinary young man.

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Sing Street (2016)

For young Conor, life’s not so grand,

Then he and the lads start a band …

(For Raphina he longs)

A joyous ode to 80s songs.

Great scenes when Brendan lends a hand.

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Girl Asleep (2015)

Teenage Greta’s moved to a new ‘hood,

And things just don’t feel as they should.

Eccentricity’s embraced,

In this film (whimsy-laced).

Production design and wardrobe: so good!

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Viva (2015)

Jesus, scraping by with his hairstyling art,

Then an opportunity might afford a new start:

A transformation to Viva

(An apprentice diva).

This Cuban-set Irish film has a lot of heart.

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Fire at Sea (2016)

Desperate people, with no option but to flee

Their homes, and risk the dangerous trip at sea.

Some escaping ISIS,

It’s a humanitarian crisis.

Heartbreaking doco: humans just seeking to be free.

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