Ben-Hur (2016)

Posted in Adventure, Drama, History by - Aug 25, 2016

A tearing apart of brothers once loving and devoted.

(Differing allegiances mean the relationship’s demoted)

Though some problems (including pace)

There’s that spectacular chariot race …

And Huston does a good job, it should be noted.

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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years (2016)

Posted in Documentary, Music by - Aug 25, 2016

Lovingly crafted look at The Beatles’ touring years.

(At concerts, they were hardly heard under the cheers)

It’s a nostalgic sesh,

But still feels vital and fresh.

Plus terrific interviews with friends, fans and peers.

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War Dogs (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, War by - Aug 20, 2016

Two young dudes (the arms-dealing world’s upstarts):

They initially get by using their bullshitting arts.

Hill plays morally reprehensible

And despicable/indefensible

To perfection: elevating the film beyond its weaker parts.

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The Shallows (2016)

Posted in Drama, Thriller by - Aug 20, 2016

So Nancy’s in search of late Mom’s secret beach …

Then danger! Will safety ever be within reach?

As Sharky gets forceful,

Nancy gets resourceful.

Often ridiculous, but there’s genuine tension: Screech!

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Bad Moms (2016)

Posted in Comedy by - Aug 20, 2016

The ‘perfect’ PTA moms are on the attack:

Trying to make Amy feel like she’s slack.

A few moments are patchy,

But the laughs: so catchy.

Hahn shines, and Sykes’ cameo’s a cack.

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Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016)

Will the net lead to elation or strife,

When your dishwasher wants your fridge as a wife?

“Her-zingers” throughout,

Asking experts with clout,

About the web’s future impact on life.

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Neruda (2016)

Posted in Biography, Drama by - Aug 02, 2016

Óscar searches (his bosses demand Neruda’s found),

But Pablo’s living an eccentric life underground.

A dream-like, lyrical chase

To an ever-moving base.

Strong leads (adversaries unexpectedly bound).

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Gimme Danger (2016)

See The Stooges across their lows & their prime,

Grit, grime & a Pop interview that’s sublime,

The bird Iggy flips,

In many sweet live clips,

This film is a real cool time.

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Embrace (2016)

Aussie doco looking at body image: the shaming,

Low self-esteem, bullying and blaming …

RE: the illusive search for perfection.

An often-powerful, timely reflection

On attitudes that need an urgent reframing.

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High-Rise (2015)

Despite a talented cast and visual work that’s often strong,

Many elements don’t work (and just feel wrong).

Quite a few scenes are a mess:

Unfocused, lacking finesse.

Some tangents not explored, and other parts drag on too long.

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