LoveStuck (2017)

Posted in Comedy, Romance by - May 06, 2017

Such a fun, novel way for a film to be devised:

There’s no set script; the story entirely improvised.

Laughs re: Josh’s three-choice pain.

Gotta love the hip hop Dane!

A comedic meditation on relationships (new and demised).

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The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)

Posted in Biography, Drama, History by - May 02, 2017

Chastain is commanding, in her fearless depiction

Of Antonina, in this extraordinary story (non-fiction):

Amidst a multitudinous atrocity,

An enormous act of generosity.

Superb visual elements: from beauty and light to dereliction.

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Things to Come (2016)

Hansen-Løve’s film: so engaging, so unsentimentally expressed.

Academic Nathalie’s equanimity is put to the test.

Her outward composure

After relentless exposure

To challenging events: legendary Huppert at her best.

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Denial (2016)

Posted in Biography, Drama, History by - Mar 29, 2017

Poison bigot Irving makes outlandish libel claim

Against Lipstadt, serving to fuel his dubious fame.

Compelling true drama (court).

Hare’s screenplay: mostly taut.

Weisz: strong. Wilkinson: shines when Rampton takes aim.

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Colossal (2016)

Posted in Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi by - Mar 28, 2017

Original, high-concept premise: a great start,

But in the latter stages, it all falls apart.

An ultra-swift

Tonal shift

Just doesn’t work. (But Hathaway’s great: the film’s heart).

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Life (2017)

Posted in Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller by - Mar 26, 2017

So here’s a bunch of smart, pretty people in space,

On the ISS (cue co-operating human race).

But these characters had me surprised

At some actions (ill-advised),

In this quite ridiculous, but scary / fun survival-chase.

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The Boss Baby (2017)

Posted in Animated, Comedy, Family by - Mar 20, 2017

Tim’s happy, until little bro comes through the door …

The ensuing story could have been so much more.

The film’s not much of a hoot,

Though the Looney Tunes-ish look is cute,

And there’s a sweet nod to The Apartment‘s 19th floor.

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Their Finest (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Drama, History, Romance by - Mar 20, 2017

A glorious film (both funny and dark). During the Blitz:

The MOI’s making morale-boosting films for the Brits …

(Such delicious scenes of each set visit).

Scherfig’s work here is exquisite.

Highlight: delightful McCrory and Nighy matching wits.

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The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

Posted in Action, Adventure, Animated, Family by - Mar 20, 2017

Though not hitting its fab predecessor’s heights,

It still boasts a fair share of delights.

Ultra rapid-fire gags

(With no grace for brain lags) …

And fun visuals (look how Condiment Man fights!)

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Loving (2016)

Posted in Biography, Drama, Romance by - Mar 12, 2017

Due to local marriage laws (with racism ingrained),

The Lovings are cruelly arrested and detained.

Two great leads play subtle and stoic,

Rather than brow-beating heroic …

In Nichols’ film that’s (at times, to a fault) restrained.

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