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LoveStuck (2017)

Such a fun, novel way for a film to be devised:

There’s no set script; the story entirely improvised.

Laughs re: Josh’s three-choice pain.

Gotta love the hip hop Dane!

A comedic meditation on relationships (new and demised).

Their Finest (2016)

A glorious film (both funny and dark). During the Blitz:

The MOI’s making morale-boosting films for the Brits …

(Such delicious scenes of each set visit).

Scherfig’s work here is exquisite.

Highlight: delightful McCrory and Nighy matching wits.

Loving (2016)

Due to local marriage laws (with racism ingrained),

The Lovings are cruelly arrested and detained.

Two great leads play subtle and stoic,

Rather than brow-beating heroic …

In Nichols’ film that’s (at times, to a fault) restrained.

Passengers (2016)

Despite two usually charismatic leads at the fore,

Sadly the direction and some script elements equal snore.

And engagement wanes fast

Because it’s impossible to get past

The morally repugnant, unconscionable act at its core.

Rules Don’t Apply (2016)

Here’s infamous Hughes (idiosyncratic to excess),

And Marla and Frank (each under their own type of stress).

Despite charismatic leads,

I wouldn’t say the film succeeds,

As it feels unfocused, and a bit of a mess.