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Episode 1 – Two Swords

A new sword won’t heal Jaime’s be-handing,

As a Dorne Sex God arrives at King’s Landing,

Snow’s back in Black,

Wildlings grow pack,

Arya’s innocence forever disbanding.



Episode 2 – The Lion and The Rose

Thanks to Ramsay, Theon’s officially broken,

While Melisandre burns souls as a token,

Tyrion sends Shae away,

Just before wedding day,

Where he’s accused for leaving King Joffrey chokin’.



Episode 3 – Breaker of Chains

Tyrion’s jailed while Tommen is prepped,

And there’s a line Jaime clearly over-stepped,

Sansa makes her escape,

Petyr’s plans take shape,

As a champion, Daario’s clearly adept.



Episode 4 – Oathkeeper

The slaves of Meereen break free,

For Sansa, Jaime sends Pod and Bri,

Joffrey’s killers are named,

Margaery’s sights are aimed,

White Walkers transform a poor baby.



Episode 5 – First of His Name

Petyr marries, as Tommen takes throne,

Daenerys gets a throne of her own,

Bri thinks Pod’s a twit,

Hound gives Arya shit,

Bran sees Jon but continues alone.



Episode 6 – The Laws of Gods and Men

Bank funding is what Stannis does seek,

Yara attempts to save Theon, finds Reek,

Ploys against Hound and Varys,

Duties weigh on Daenerys,

Tyrion attempts a combat winning streak.



Episode 7 – Mockingbird

Oberyn steps up for Tyrion’s fight,

Daario beds with Daenerys at night,

Hound’s wounded towards the Vale,

Bri and Pod on their tale,

Lysa threatens Sansa before taking a flight.



Episode 8 – The Mountain and The Viper

Wildings attack but Gilly is spared,

Jorah banished, Missandei bared,

Sansa’s now in the game,

Ramsay gets a new name,

Viper’s head will not be repaired.



Episode 9 – The Watchers on the Wall

Everything takes place at the wall,

Defend the gate or the North will fall,

Sam and Gilly reunite,

Giants come to the fight,

Snow’s lost love makes him risk it all.




Episode 10 – The Children

Stannis saves Snow from the knife,

And spares Mance Rayder his life,

Mountain’s being repaired,

Lannister secrets are shared,

Daenerys dragons are causing her strife.


Ice zombies attack and Jojen Reed dies,

But Bran reaches the crow with three eyes,

Brienne defeats Hound,

Ayra’s alone, Braavos-bound,

Tywin and Shae both meet their demise.

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