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Another year, another novelty top 20 list…

This one is comprised of the best films I watched during the year –

there’s a few I still haven’t seen

(We Need To Talk About Kevin, Beginners, Moneyball and The Adventures of Tin Tin to name a few)

and a couple were made last year but only received an Australian release this year.

Anyway, here they are – the best twenty films from 2011 reviewed in limerick.


20. Super 8

What’s expected from J.J and Steve,

A sci-fi you can almost believe,

Close encounters with kids,

Aliens caught on vids,

‘80s homage is more than achieved.

19. Tyrannosaur

With a temper that he can’t control,

This monster must help a poor soul,

A warm-hearted stranger,

Who’s in her own danger,

This one will leave you in a hole.

18. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows: Part 2

Enjoy this last hunt for the Hollow,

‘Cos we know that there’s nothing to follow,

And for Harry and gang,

It all ends with a bang,

With millions of fans left to wallow.

17. Midnight in Paris

Modern Woody can be quite hit-and-miss,

And Wilson’s funnier when taking the piss,

But they’re both on the mark,

In Paris after dark,

Literature lovers will all adore this.

16. 13 Assassins

Honour’s not something that’s bought,

But from family and peers it is taught,

Now these men of the sword,

Must kill a war lord,

As for blood and laughs, it’s not short.

15. TT3D: Closer to the Edge

Even if you’re not into bike racing,

You’ll still find this film quite amazing,

With each twist and turn,

Your stomach will churn,

But what fate are all these riders facing?

14. Win Win

A good balance between drama and funny,

As Giamatti struggles with money,

But Shaffer’s not surpassed,

Amidst the much older cast,

And Amy Ryan makes it all nice and sunny.

13. Martha Marcy May Marlene

Martha’s a messed-up adult,

After running away from a cult,

Not shy in her skin,

Olsen out-acts the twins,

With suspense that will give you a jolt.

12. Hesher

Gordon-Levitt is always impressive,

But never this crazed or aggressive,

A house guest from hell,

Breaks this home from its shell,

Refreshing but still quite depressive.

11. Our Idiot Brother

Ned’s a nice guy but he’s slow,

And after jail he has nowhere to go,

So his sister’s take turns,

And each of them learns,

How to cope with their idiot bro.

10. Another Earth

Sci-fi with a completely new spin,

As it’s more about dealing with sin,

A troubled young girl,

An identical world,

In a concept that did my head in.

9. Crazy, Stupid, Love

When Carrell is dumped by his wife,

He tries to accept single life,

Gosling helps him slick up,

So that he can pick-up,

Which eventually gets them both in strife.

8. Warrior

These brothers don’t want to unite,

Instead, they just want to fight,

Much like Rock-y,

But with UFC,

Action scenes are bound to excite.

7. Melancholia

With a narrative tying each scene,

It’s what Tree of Life should have been,

Each role is well played,

And beautifully made,

Should be watched on a cinema screen.

6. X-Men: First Class

Before they came to resent one another,

Professor X saw Magneto as a brother,

And to stop Bacon and Jones,

They recruit freaks with hormones,

A good way for the franchise to recover.

5. Snowtown

Snowtown’s not for the faint-hearted,

“Bodies In Barrels” and how it all started,

But where credit’s due,

Is the director’s debut,

Going places that should be uncharted.

4. Submarine

Unlike anything else done before it,

Submarine should be ticked as “I saw it”,

A character study,

Unique and quite funny,

Weird to the point you’ll adore it.

3. Drive

This isn’t a Paul Walker flick,

But a classic that’s stylish and slick,

Gosling’s impressive,


Extreme violence could make you feel sick.

2. 50/50

This ain’t no light-hearted romancer,

But Levitt’s emotional journey with cancer,

Rogen redeems,

Kendrick just beems,

Best film? This could be the answer.

1. The Guard

This buddy-cop film is one of a kind,

Cheadle straight-face, Gleeson out of his mind,

But it’s not only thugs,

Into guns, pros and drugs,

As dialogue goes, this won’t be outshined.

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