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Hooray for Hollywood!

The Limerick Review (and our friends) provide a run down on Hollyood’s night of nights!

We have reviewed each film in a catchy, five-line rhyme and compiled them below. If you agree or think we’ve missed the point entirely, feel free to send us a response (preferably in a limerick of your own!). We’d love to hear from you.

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The Artist

The Artist – a film without speech,

Emerges as rather a peach,

A man hating talkies,

A dog wanting walkies,

And glamorous femme show their reach.

Guest post by @twitmericks

The Descendants

Clooney deserves all his credit,

Even an Oscar… I’ve said it,

An unfaithful spouse,

A near-broken house,

See this and you will not regret it.

Chris Bright

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

This one, yes it’s worth a look,

Many times my emotions it shook,

Though sorry, I say,

To use a cliché,

But the film’s not as good as the book.

Lisa Malouf

Midnight In Paris

Wilson is fantastically cast,

As a writer in love with the past,

Wet Paris he does herald,

Just chillin with Fitzgerald,

Good Woody is always a blast.

Daniel Cogger

Tree Of Life

A snapshot of life and what’s after,

Does not produce sadness or laughter,

Just random events,

Without making sense,

However Mallick is a beautiful crafter.

Chris Bright


If film history delights your soul too,

Bits of Hugo will really thrill you,

Kingsley’s story’s a maze,

But I can’t say who he plays,

As spoilers are really taboo.

Lisa Malouf

War Horse

Could have cast Matt Broderick in lead,

As it’s a romance between man and steed,

Speilberg’s most boring,

But beautiful scoring,

Cringe-worthy, like listening to Creed.

Chris Bright

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