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Guest post today by @twitmericks – who writes awesome limericks about news and current events. A recommended twitter follow!

The Artist – a film without speech,

Emerges as rather a peach,

A man hating talkies,

A dog wanting walkies,

And glamorous femme show their reach.

  • Well, this was pniaylg at 8.30pm. Which was awkward because a) the cinema it was pniaylg at is an hour away, so by the time the film played and we got home it would have been midnight, and b) that night was a school night and c) I still can’t actually drive (damn you manual cars!) so my mother would have had to take me, and I don’t know what she would have done to entertain herself while I was watching the movie. So basically, awkward times are anything after 6pm! This is why I barely ever go to the cinemas

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