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A mormon and ex-beauty queen,

Absurd story that has to be seen,

The tabloids lose sight,

of what’s wrong and what’s right,

The truth lies somewhere between.

  • truthteller

    Please REMOVE the libeous trailer slandering Ms, McKInney! She is going to SUE Errol Morris for fifty million dollars for the false defamatory film he did on her. He is truly disgusting! He and his producers LIED to her and told her they were doing a Showtime Network TV series on Paparazzi and how it destroys people’s privacy” as a ruse to trick her into giving them footage! They even gave her a dummy contract saying “Showtime” that was a fake. And while the cunning Morris interviewed her for a non existent TV series, his cronies ransacked her personal luggage and stole her photograph album, her parent’s baby pictures of Joyce and family home movies, her diary, two film treatments she had written, and a valuable memorabilia collection documenting her famous love story from 1977. (Penhouse Magazine had offered her millions of dollars for the photos and rights to the story in 1978 but she turned it down because she did not feel Penthouse was the proper forum for a serious CULT RESCUE STORY, which is the TRUE Joyce McKinney story.) Morris and his producers (in league with Mormons and tabloids who degraded and slandered her for years) were too cheap to buy her life rights, so they STOLE materials for a book/screenplay she was writing out of her suitcase, then altered and doctored the photos to make her appear that she was a “nude model and a whore” (just as a trashy perverted tabloid, The Daily Mirror did years ago. That disgusting tabloid paid Joyce’s dog walker and his cronie (a drug addict who needed dope money) to actually break into her apartment and steal photos, which THEY TOO altered by super-imposing Joyce’s head on another model’s naked body to make her appear naked. Morris actualy interviews this trashy tabloid’s reporter–a totally unreliable source–in the movie, who lies and slanders Joyce beyond belief. Morris is so dishonest a film-maker that he manipulates the audience’s mind by taking trashy sex ads out of perverted “S&M bondage” papers and flashed them quickly before the audience’s eyes with voice over narration that it is “Joyce” in the ads! But if you slow the film down, you can see that it isn’t even her! In real life, Joyce was a virgin, rasied in a Christian family ( very moral, who saved herself for KIrk, the man she loved.) Errol Morris has also slanndered Joyce by saying she “chloroformed Kirk and used a gun” on him, which never happened in real life. Morris also has her “raping” a 300 pound 6’5″ MORMON MAN, a crime which she not only never commited but she was never even charged with! Errol Morris, his producers and this film TABLOID is disgusting. It is a COUNTERFEIT JOYCE MCKINNEY STORY and is NOT her real story! But she does want to do a feature film on the REAL story. And she would have liked the limerick you wrote–however, “the truth does NOT lie somewhere in between”. The truth is the truth. Joyce is the ONLY person in that film who was actually THERE in England and who KNOWS what REALLY happaned. She has also passed a lie detector test. “The truth is somewhere in the middle” comment was made by LIAR and a MORMON GAY MAN named Troy WIlliams, a man who had never even met JOYCE when he was intervewed by Errol Morris, a MORMON GAY MAN who only pretended to tell “Joyce’s story” to get himself in the movies. he wanted to be a star–at Joyce’s expense. He was PAID by Errol Morris, like the other nuts in the film who did not know her story, to LIE on her just to make the film freaky and bizarre. All people in the films (with the exception of Dr. Hong, the Korean gentleman who cloned Joyce’s dog) are being sued for slander and Joyce is going to press charges for Fraud and Grand Theft against the thieving producers who stole her photos and used them illegally in the film. If you would like to interview Joyce you may leave a message for her manager at 718-406-1089, afternoons only.

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