Happy End (2017)

Haneke’s multi-gen family drama (in Calais),

Where young Eve’s brought in to the miserable fray …

(Here Harduin impresses).

Dark humour (re: the stresses).

Somewhat patchy, but ends in a splendid way.

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Fun Mom Dinner (2017)

Talented leads wasted, and the shenanigans seem

So contrived (many a well-worn theme).

Problems with pacing / mood shifts,

Where the energy drifts.

Levine’s acting: it’s wooden (to the extreme).

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The Teacher (2016)

Dubious methods; abuse of power (here, they’re focal).

Things get sticky when some parents are secretly vocal

About this quid pro quo situation.

A study in manipulation,

And a thoughtful morality tale about corruption (local).

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Paris Can Wait (2016)

Gorgeous locations and French food porn aside,

This road trip’s an exceedingly dull ride.

Any agency for Anne? No.

She’s passive. Jacques runs the show.

He’s a one-note bore of an overbearing tour guide.

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Manifesto (2016)

An ambitious presentation (artistic ideas exchange).

One lead actor, multiple characters (some quite strange).

Costume, hair and make-up work: striking.

Production design: also to my liking.

A compelling showcase of Blanchett’s impressive range.

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Ice Mother (2017)

Hana: a life of servitude – selfish sons squeezing

Too much help out of her. So, the freezing

Water’s a relief.

We see her turn a new leaf

In this black comedy with some elements quite pleasing.

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The Little Hours (2017)

Horny, angry nuns in a convent (days of yore)

Berating the groundskeeper, not helping the poor.

Many laughs at all the ridic

Kooky character schtick.

Highlight: Offerman’s irate Bruno, primed for war.

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The Young Karl Marx (2017)

A few years of Marx at the time of his youth.

Some of his contemporaries think him uncouth …

(Much impassioned, intellectual fighting).

With Engels: seminal writing.

A somewhat genteel portrait of Karl developing his truth.

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20th Century Women (2016)

Posted in Comedy, Drama by - Jun 06, 2017

Southern California, during the Carter administration …

Dorothea enlists some help in Good Man formation:

(For Jamie to thrive).

Excellent leads (all five)

In this unique it takes a village situation.

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Baywatch (2017)

Posted in Action, Comedy by - Jun 06, 2017

Zac Effron was surprisingly buff,

Dwayne Johnsons biceps are enough,

The banter was fine,

I laughed the whole time,

and I walked out feeling hot stuff

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