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By Lisa Malouf

Four score and seven…” (he’s the guy who said it),

His amendment ended slavery (to his credit),

Though DDL’s really fab,

Some bits are long & drab,

Yes, this film needed more of an edit!

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Les Misérables

by Lisa Malouf

It started out on Hugo’s page,

Then transferred to Cam Mack’s stage,

Yes, Hugh & Anne pitch it right,

But those bloody close-ups (tight):

They distract rather than engage.

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Silver Linings Playbook

by Lisa Malouf

Here’s Pat looking hard for blue skies,

Positive thinking to allay hope’s demise,

Fabulous characters (eccentric),

Brilliant acting (authentic),

This film’s such a delightful surprise.

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Beasts of the Southern Wild

by Adrian

Little Hushpuppy couldn’t be more adorable,

But The Bathtub she lives in’s deplorable,

When floods rise it starts to look tragic,

So she dreams up a world full of magic,

Through a child’s eyes even faith is restorable.

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by Chris Bright

Six citizens trapped in warzone Iran,

Until Affleck steps in with a plan,

They make a fake flick,

‘70s fashion, so slick,

As director, Ben proves he’s The Man.

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Life of Pi

by Lisa Malouf

A stunningly beautiful film from Lee,

Pi and Richard Parker out at sea,

It’s an epic tale,

Majestic in scale,

(I bet you’ve never seen better 3D!)

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Django Unchained

by Chris Bright

Racism and violence can be hard to digest,

But if you can stomach, then you’ll be impressed,

Leo shines with no faults,

But it’s all about Waltz,

A QT triumph but still not his best.

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Zero Dark Thirty

This work’s engendered passionate debate:

Is it normalising torture? Mongering hate?

Is that what’s implied?

Well, each viewer must decide,

After the film (with heavy emotional weight).

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by Daniel Cogger

Tough viewing but well worth the look,

A couple’s love is tested when shook,

By complications of ageing,

Ms Riva – amazing,

For the Notebook this wont be mistook.

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