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If Patrick Bateman were sexually addicted, This is close to how he’d be depicted, A dark exploration, Of a sick fascination, Beware: Sex scenes are all non-restricted.


Hughes defined the teen-film convention,
With five students who are stuck in detention,
Ringwald is quite venomous,
Towards Judd and his denim-ness,
But they bond after initial contention.

Based on the SNL skits,
Myers and Carvey will have you in fits,
Rob Lowe plays the prick,
Who's "pralines and dick",
And the sequel keeps up in it's wits.

In the years since this film was released,
It’s cult status has only increased,
As a tale of The Dude,
It’s both intricate and lewd,
And sad, what with poor Donny deceased.
The Limerick Review thanks Marius for his contribution!...

While the characters may seem a bit sillier,
The Kerrigan’s are all too familiar,
Bana’s best role,
“Dale dug a hole”,
An Aus-com that is bound to fulfill ya!

Shot before Ledger hit fame,
It’s far from commercially-tame,
“Shotties are good”
In the Aussie-style ‘hood’,
Bogan-humour without being lame.

McConaughey's rockin pink jeans,
While Affleck is hassling teens,
Parker Posey's a bitch,
You'll feel bad for poor Mitch,
Best watched with a helping of greens.