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Baby Driver (2017)

Artistry in the choreography (soundtrack with scene).

Elgort: charismatic; battling demons re keeping ‘clean’.

Such questionable character motivations

Relating to some third act situations.

Jones stands out, with the best performance on the screen.

Miles Ahead (2015)

Davis: one of the greatest musicians to be booked.

A wild goose-chase for his tape has him hooked.

The free-form vibe the film has

(A presumed nod to jazz)

Doesn’t work so well here: feels uncooked.

The Bélier Family (2014)

Paula’s life is family, school and farming.

The prospect of moving to Paris: alarming.

On her, the fam relies.

Emera’s voice really flies.

A delightful film: utterly sweet and charming.