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As cabbie Rex faces his looming end of life,

The obstacles to his true wishes are rife.

Though some scenes are overlong,

The performances are strong …

With mortality’s cruelty cutting like a knife.

  • Peters

    Saw this movie last night at the festival, really touched by it’s honesty and grit. Australia needs more movies like this, as it is an honest look at our dying countryside. Which is the main entity that most countries identify as the real ‘Australia’.
    As we continue to homogenise ourselves to be like the rest of the world in our latte sipping cities, we need to have a good look at what we are losing as a nation. This movie really pulls at your heartstrings and makes you realise how much we have turned our back on the ‘country folk’ and in particular their poignant struggles. This might be about the death of ‘Max’ the expertly portrayed Cabbie, but the script so much parallels the death of our hard fought identities.
    Overall it was a great movie for all.
    Bring your tissues, you will need them.

  • limerickreview

    Thanks for sharing your views Peters!

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