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Baywatch (2017)

Zac Effron was surprisingly buff,

Dwayne Johnsons biceps are enough,

The banter was fine,

I laughed the whole time,

and I walked out feeling hot stuff

Stage Fright (2014)

Thanks to Mike for our first horror/musical review!

Camping kids, a slasher and singing abound,

Original killings and a few laughs can be found,

Meat Loaf and Minnie Driver do their best,

To give cred to this bloody songfest,

This horror musical is solid all ‘round.

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Five lines of rhyme by Claudine for the 6th in this series:

No 6 is back so have fear,

Paul’s eyes so blue and clear,

To save Letty the crew’s back,

Shaw will ensure they crack,

But No 7’s villain will make you cheer!!

Snitch (2013)

Thanks Claudine for sending in this review!

To save his son The Rock has to snitch,

But things don’t go without a hitch,

El Toppo needs cash transported,

Whilst Dwayne wants his son’s sentence retorted,

So who is he gonna have to stitch?

Cheap Thrills (2013)

Mike McNally is back with another cult pick, this time from the Sydney Film Fest.

Down on luck, our lead visits a bar,

And encounters a friend from days past.

But their night takes a turn,

With quick dollars to earn,

From a guy with some dares most macabre.

You too could be like Mike – buy tickets for the June 11 Sydney film festival screening, and leave your limerick review of the film in the comments!

The Hangover Part III (2013)

Huge thanks to Claudine for her contribution:

The Wolfpack is back like the days of old,

But this film drags as the back story is told,

Chow is as annoying as ever,

They are trying too hard to be clever,

I am glad it’s the last in the fold.

The Last Stand (2013)

Thanks to Shayne for this guest review!

The errantly titled Last Stand,

Will have Arnie fans clapping their hands,

There’s still fight in his eyes,

His best since True Lies,

Go forth, flex your action gland!

Oscars 2013 Best Picture Nominees

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