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As Hollywood gets ready for the night of all night’s, The Limerick Review has been checking out this year’s ten Best Picture nominees.

We have reviewed each film in a catchy, five-line rhyme and compiled them below. If you agree or think we’ve missed the point entirely, feel free to send us a response (preferably in a limerick of your own!). We’d love to hear from you.

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It’s not always boring when you’re stuck in a rut,
Not when literally trapped and your arm’s forced to cut,
Franco’s top shelf,
Thanked by Ralston himself,
Graphic scenes can be tough on the gut.

Posted by Chris Bright


This film is much more than perving,
Portman’s awards are more than deserving,
It’s super-intense,
As she loses all sense,
The score makes it all much more nerving.

Posted by Chris Bright

There once was a timid young thing,
Who danced her way into the bling,
But white became black,
And sane became whack,
Lesbo horror is quite gratify-ing.

Submitted by Shane


Marky Mark takes the Mick in The Fighter,
Another role for Christian Bale to get lighter,
Those brothers were rough,
and though life was tough,
The pride of Lowell was no ear biter.

Submitted by Megan


The plot is down-right confusing,
Changing more than a kid candy-choosing,
Nothing as it seems,
Dreams within dreams,
I wonder what drugs Nolan’s using.

Posted by Chris Bright


Two mothers who’re constantly whinging,
Create scenes that all border on cringing,
The development’s slow,
But as characters grow,
You feel for the family’s unhinging.

Posted by Chris Bright


Rush excels in this regal bro-mance,
A matinée marvel that leaves nothing to chance,
With conventions respected,
It delivers what’s expected,
A polished drama well worth a glance.

Posted by Daniel Cogger

Beforehand I thought it looked boring,
By the end I was almost applauding,
Carter drops creepy for caring,
Beside a perfect lead pairing,
Expect this one to be award-hoarding

Posted by Chris Bright


While Fincher is yet to upset,
Network is still not his best,
Timberlake’s tolerated,
But shouldn’t be nominated,
Eisenberg deserves the credit he gets.

Posted by Chris Bright


To Woody and crew we say good-bye,
With a fitting finale where stakes are quite high,
The end’s emotionally trying,
“Is that grown man crying?”,
“Um… no I just have something in my eye”.

Submitted by Matthew

Woody and gang are tossed from the chest,
And as trouble ensues, friendship’s put to the test,
Buzz speaking Spanish,
Ken’s not so man-ish,
As trilogies go, these are up with the best.

Posted by Chris Bright


This Coen remake of the west,
Is good but not up with their best,
The Dude with a patch,
Damon’s sweet ‘tache,
And a girl who nearly out-acts the rest.

Posted by Chris Bright

For Westerns I’ll comfortably sit,
A script that left every note hit,
Cinematically stunning,
Actors hit the ground running,
The Coens make films with ‘true grit’.

Submitted by CC


A girl goes in search for her dad,
To prevent the law from taking her pad,
But her relatives kick-down,
In a drug running hick-town,
Be grateful that things aren’t this bad.

Posted by Chris Bright